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the bay area. fremont's tenergy says its battery was attached to one of the bombs. the bombs are mostly used in toys like radio-controlled cars. tenergy said it was, quote, appalled that our product was used in such a horrible and senseless way. an 11-year-old bay area boy injured in monday's explosions is recovering at the boston hospital tonight where he is at children's hospital there in boston, following multiple injuries. patti lee joins us now. she's live in boston with an update on his progress and how the city is pulling together. >> reporter: surgeons here worked on aaron hern were two hours to repair a severe gash on his thigh, and tonight his family is hopeful they'll be able to return to california soon. around 1:00 this afternoon, a young boy left flowers near the finish line of the boston marathon. around the same time today, 11-
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year-old aaron hern from martinez hit by shrapnel had his second surgery. his family tells us it was successful. kara is rooting for aaron's full recovery. >> i didn't know that boy or his family, but the fact that he's from where i live, it's unfortunate. >> reporter: the martinez native says the tragedy of the marathon is connecting strangers in an unexpected way. >> i was going to play some patriotic music. >> reporter: this afternoon, crowds gathered at the federal courthouse in boston, after news spread that a suspect would be taken there. >> they were saying they had the suspects in custody. they would bring them in. now they're saying they're not. >> reporter: we called the fbi and the boston police to confirm if a suspect had been arrested. they declared that the rumor was false. still, there's a feeling of progress among the public. >> my family in california is
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like -- they want me to come home. but at the same time, it's like, i'm here in boston and i stand by the city. >> reporter: tonight, the herns are watching over aaron as he heals but say it will be a long process. they also say that prior to this afternoon's surgery, he was starting to remember what happened at the finish line and was starting to get upset about it, which is a different kind of trauma that will also take time to heal. reporting live in boston, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. as the investigation into the bombings continues, president obama is scheduled to travel to boston tomorrow for an interfaith service. he is expected to speak at holy cross cathedral. we've seen runners around the bay area pay tribute to the people killed and injured in the boston marathon bombings, and take a look at this. the san francisco roadrunners club designed a run.
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if you look there, you can see it spells out the word boston. they designed this in the city's inner sunset. here now are members of that group. the runners say a number of club members ran the boston marathon and that all of them came home safe. for the second day in a row, police were called to a small high school in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood. david is live with what officers found at the school and why it's raising serious concerns. david? >> reporter: julie, two weapons found in two days at this san francisco school have parents and police worried. police patrol cars stood guard this morning, minutes after a stun gun incident between two students. >> one student was on campus with a stun gun. another student decided to -- wanted to take a look at the gun. they got into a struggle over it. >> reporter: in a statement, a
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spokeswoman said this morning a student allegedly tased another student on the list. emergency personnel and parents were contacted immediately. the student appears to have suffered no injuries. appropriate disciplinary measures are being taken. it's the second serious incident here in two days. a 14-year-old student was found with a gun yesterday afternoon. >> the student fled the area. the pd then made contact with our student, detained him, and recovered the firearm. >> reporter: police say today's incident is an important reminder that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase or possess a stun gun or bring one to a grade school campus. >> it's basically pretty powerful. >> reporter: san francisco's international spy shop sells us about a half dozen stun guns a week. this one is a best seller. >> it's not something to play around with. lots of people think it's funny but it's actually not. you can really get hurt with one of these. >> reporter: parents said they were shocked about the weapons
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on campus. >> it really comes as a surprise to me. my daughter is at the same school. i definitely want to be able to know what kind of things are going on. >> reporter: both incidents are under investigation by police and school officials. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. today, oakland police released surveillance video that they say shows a suspected child molester at the scene of the crime. the footage comes from cameras in the area of 10th and oak street, where a seven-year-old was attacked inside an apartment complex on saturday. investigators say a white man in his early to mid 50's got into the apartment by claiming to be a plumber checking for leaks. >> you don't have to open your door. you don't have to let a stranger in. you can ask for credentials. you can contact that company to verify that that person indeed works for them. >> take another look now. again, police say the man is white, about 6 feet tall with a
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skinny build. he was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, spattered with paint. you can see more of this surveillance video on our website at, under hot topics. new details involving the three teenage boys accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old audrie pott. today the los gatos saratoga school district said it cannot expel those boys because the alleged assault didn't take place on campus. audrie pott committed suicide after pictures of the alleged attack were circulated on social media last september. today's statement from the school district comes one day after potts' family filed a claim alleging negligence over the way the district handled the events surrounding the teen's death. the district said it notified students through, quote, a brief announcement over the pa and noon. if you want more information, we have posted the entire statement from the school district on our website. just go to emotions ran high in a
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nevada courtroom today as a man accused in a shooting on the vegas strip made his first court appearance. 27-year-old ammar harris did not enter a plea. he is accused in the fatal shooting of aspiring oakland rapper, kenny cherry. cherry's maserati hit a taxicab, hitting the driver. executive director paul clemson testified today. the report raises questions about whether the agency has done enough about safety following the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion.
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>> he told lawmakers that he agreed changes are needed and says the agency is now two years into a five year plan to make improvements. the new report reportedly found that industries overseen by the agency have easy access and little fear of regulation. it's not the first time investigators have criticized them following the deadly blast. a harsh report in 2011 came to a similar conclusion regarding pg&e's connection to the commission. the explosion left eight people dead, injured dozens more, and destroyed 38 homes. new information tonight on what investigators call a possible coordinated sabotage plan in the south bay. it targeted a power station and a key fiberoptic line. robert handa is live in santa clara county with the details on that alleged attack.
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robert? >> reporter: well, there is an ongoing cleanup as well as an investigation going on here at this sabotaged pg&e substation. and a similar scene along a nearby vandalized at&t fiberoptic line. investigators say the two could be part of a coordinated attack. the santa clara county sheriff today says someone used a high- powered rifle to shoot up this pg&e substation around 2 a.m. tuesday morning. 15 minutes before that attack, the sheriff says person or persons went down manholes to cut an at&t fiberoptic line in what appears to be a coordinated sabotage plan. >> it was brazen to go down two separate manholes, to these cables, and then to go over to a power plant. very brazen. >> reporter: the vantized fiberoptic line shut down phone and internet -- the vandalized fiberoptic lines shut down phones and internet to many
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businesses. clients in gilroy took a big hit. >> when people have these types of outages, it forces us to have to tell them that they have to take the day off. it's a huge loss of profit for them. >> reporter: today at&t says it is offering a $250,000 reward to capture and convict whoever is responsible. >> we're hopeful that this reward will help lead to tips that will eventually lead to arrests and convictions. >> we have stepped up security until we can determine what's going on here. but power facilities like that have to be outside. it's always a risk. >> reporter: the sheriff says investigators are still examining surveillance video and contacting state agencies to see if they can get more funds to boost the reward money. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. an increase in police
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officers and the elimination of dozens of full time jobs were the main points of oakland mayor jean quan's budget proposal. today the mayor released her proposed city budget for 2013 through 2014. it calls for four police academies over the next two years but also calls for eliminating positions. the final budget is expected to be adopted by july 1. opponents of this proposal argue that cuts to city workers should be restored before more police officers are hired. warm weather and gusty winds. in seven minutes, i'll pinpoint which parts of the bay area will see temperatures climb into the 80's. plus, in the wake of the boston marathon bombings, hear what bay area emergency personnel say you need to know to ensure your safety during an emergency. but coming up -- >> there was a goal to rob people, steal cars. >> the new details we're learning about the teenagers arrested in connection with the
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murder of a bay area paramedic.
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new at 6, five teenagers appeared in court today, accused in the deadly attack of an off-duty paramedic in the oakland hills. john joins us now from oakland, where the police chief is saying the crime was the work of a band of criminal children. john? >> reporter: julie, on a day when three young people were in court on murder charges, chief jordan told us some surprising details about their case. 34-year-old quinn boyer was shot and killed in an attempted carjacking on april 2nd. police chief jordan says fun, not profit, was the motive. >> this tragic death, that kids think that robbing and shooting people is something fun to do.
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>> reporter: five teens, ages 14 to 16, are charged. and three of them had a detention hearing today. >> i think this is the first time i've actually seen where the suspects involved in a lot of these robberies and shootings are getting younger and younger every day. >> reporter: just two days ago, a 15-year-old girl was shot in east oakland. >> we were really disappointed. it's the first time we've had any shooting in or around our campus probably in seven years. >> reporter: director simmons told me many young people feel they have nothing to live for. >> we have created conditions in our nation where portions of our community, our nation, are fully and utterly locked out from the american dream. and in that place of hopelessness and despair, they make thoses that are unfathomable for us. >> reporter: young people turn
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to crime because they got caught up in a vicious cycle, he says. >> they can't get a job, so now they've gotta do more crime and illegal activity to get it. you're mad at the world. >> reporter: the three teens who appear in court today are due back before the judge on june 4. in the hours after the boston marathon bombings, cell phone service was jammed for hours, making it difficult, not only for runners, but also for first responders to communicate. new at 6, kara is live in san francisco, where she spoke to emergency planners about the backup plans that need to be in place during the next disaster. >> reporter: emergency officials tell me cell communication was such an issue on monday that they are expecting the issue to come up in planning meetings across the country. meanwhile, they also say, everyone should have a backup plan.
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folks attending the annual survivor parade commemorating the 1906 san francisco earth earthquake had a lot to say about emergency planning. with the marathon bombings still at the top of everyone's mind, emergency responders say everyone should have an emergency plan for loved ones that includes the ability to reach someone out of state to let them know you're okay. >> we take for granted that the wireless service will be there, when obviously there's no way the wireless network can support everyone asking for it at the same time. >> how will a family reunite themselves if they're separated in a crowded situation like that? do you have a rally point? >> quite frankly, the old wire telephone works, and if that's not available, texting seems to work much better. it doesn't take as much bandwidth as it does to do a voice call. >> reporter: emergency planners the work to plan for the next
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major event, whether it's a shooting, bombing or natural disaster. as for what average folks can do -- >> certainly to have those basic lifesaving skills like cpr, first aid, that you actually have those lifesaving skills. >> reporter: they say it's also a good idea to keep extra cash, water and medications in case of emergency. also, have a communication plan if you are hiking or traveling. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. and has posted resources to help you make a disaster plan. just look under hot topics to find the red cross guide. a little warmer out there today. a beautiful clear sky. temperatures mostly in the 60's and low 70's right now. there you see the bay area obviously and treasure island. we've got a nice-looking day
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for you tomorrow. these are the highs for today. 71 in concord, 70 in livermore. warmer tomorrow by a few degrees. so we're heading in this general direction of warmer weather. the winds are going to die down. it's really been windy a number of days now. winds were a little bit less today. and they'll be a little bit less tomorrow. then they should be all but gone into the weekend when temperatures could warm up into the mid 80's. 68 in concord. 68 in oakland. overnight lows tonight are going to be in the mid 40's. some areas may be in the low 40's. chilly, kind of requiring a sweater as you go to work or school tomorrow. the bay area weekend, temperatures on the warm-up. so this trend is going up, with numbers today warmer than yesterday. temperatures tomorrow will be warming than today. stair-stepping. 42 in vallejo, 43 in concord. as you get going on your
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thursday morning, chilly out there. and then temperatures warmer than they were today. yellows are 70's. oranges are 80's. lots of yellows, that means lots of 70's, mid and upper. and a few oranges showing up. i'll have the specific temperature for your city coming up in just a couple moments here. the high pressure is going to sink, and as it sinks, it warms. it's kind of doing that in some places now and it will do it further tomorrow. so temperatures will be warmest inland. with fog-free conditions, we could easily make it into the 70's. the five-day forecast shapes out with no rain -- darn it -- and more of the same. so we've got just 80's and mid 80's. julie is smiling, because she likes this kind of weather, especially on the weekend. but it is going to be a spectacular bay area weekend.
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a little chilly in the mornings but nice. >> thanks, bill! coming up on bay area news at 7, on tv 36, the latest on the boston marathon bombing investigation. and a new local connection. employees at a bay area company get a shock today when they discover the battery they manufacture is linked to the boston bomb attacks. how this piece of evidence might help in the investigation. >> we hope you join us at 7 on tv 36. google gets a trifecta. the new place google is rolling out its fiber lines. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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san francisco retailer gap says it plans to franchise its old navy brand in overseas markets. they didn't say where the franchises would be offered, but they say gap also wants to expand in china. gap is also focusing on two new brands, athleta for athletic ware. google plans to run high- speed internet in a third does city. they plan to take over the
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fiberoptic system in utah. and kansas city received google fiber last year. and now sports. he's going, why can't we play houston every day? >> six straight times they beat the houston astros, the newest addition to the western division. early, all oakland. 1-1 game in the first. josh reddick crashes one to right. up against the boards. he's got himself a two-run double. the chris young and seth smith both scoring to get the a's out in a hurry. and eric sogard swinging the bat very well. shoots it to right. houston closed quickly. and the a's wound up winning 7- 5. kind of an exciting day down at santa clara headquarters for the 49ers. it was pro day, when they invite all local draft-eligible players in to show off their wares, as it were.
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and of great interest, that guy, nate montana, the son of joe, of course. he graduated from de la salle. he talks to our joe fonzi today about the experience. >> it's awesome to be local, come back here where my dad played. you've just gotta put your head down and try to make your own name. but it's like a blessing and a curse. but you just try to ignore the name, oh, that's joe montana's son. you just show them you're a different player than you're dad. >> you'd never know he was his son. doesn't look anything like him. wish him the best. that would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? make a name for himself, well, crime scene investigators in boston now have a mountain of evidence. but how do they determine which of the hundreds of images from the boston bombings contains the key to catching who did this? coming up on the 10:00 news, we
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break down the meticulous process forensic investigators are now performing. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks so much more joining us! we'll see you at 10. i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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